Bunko was born in 1962 in a rough old industrial town in the Welsh valleys called Merthyr Tydfil. While some people got born into wealth and riches, he was given a simple nickname (that no one understood) and a great upbringing.
‘You can walk tirelessly around the world in search of comfortable shoes… only to find a pair already under the bed.'

Sometimes Bunko writes books for grown-up people with heads like damaged fruit. But his real passion is when he meets up with the dark, slightly manic teenager who shares a room in his imagination and dresses like a Red Indian in punk rock trousers and odd socks.

Together they create a wondrous world full of strange looking creatures, 3 legged dogs, spiders with attitudes and demons who turn nice when they are nasty.

‘I started writing because there were so many ideas running around and around my mind with nowhere to go. Writing helped to drill a hole in my skull and let the ideas escape.’ Bunko 2010



A middle-grade novel about dead people in New York -


‘Leon Young was already a teenager with a major problem. So the last thing he needed was to discover was he now also a…..deadwalker….!!!

 ‘I wrote Deadwalker after overhearing a conversation about a man who lived alone in a rundown house who claimed he was a dream- walker. I rushed home and within two hours I’d written five chapters.’ Bunko 2010




maamannaMa’am Anna

-  autobiography of a remarkable woman -

Ma’am Anna

The remarkable story of Human Trafficking Rescuer

The gripping memoir of Anna Rodriguez, an ordinary wife and mother who has made a significant difference in the lives of hundreds of people trapped in modern day slavery.  Her story of love, heartbreak, frustration, determination and celebration that has earned her the nickname of Ma’am Anna by those she has emancipated because of her relentless efforts to not only free, but to give life back to those she calls her children.

Anna Rodriquez is the most astonishing lady I have ever met. It was a pleasure to work with her to write her life story.’ Bunko




I’m working on two novel at the moment:-lucky1

Novel 1 – Lucky  the Luckiest unlucky three legged dog in the world…..(based on my own three legged dog called Lucky)

Novel 2 – Wesley One Horn and the F-Classsneeker

 Written with Martyn Williams

•What do you get if you add together:

•A demon who wants to be nasty but can’t help turning nice
•A pretty pink witch with no broomstick-skills and a wandering wart
•A vampire who faints at the sight of blood
•A monster that’s afraid of the dark … and everything else
•And a mad scientist who is more sad than mad?

The answer: The F-Class Gang (a small group of misfits in a natural unnatural supernatural world!)





deadwalkerbkDid you always want to be a writer?

•No A footballer or a runner. Sadly I wasn’t good enough to be either. However I have a mate who wanted to be a gas pump….how weird is that?

What do you do to relax?

•Walk around graveyards, looking for the best name. I don’t relax…my brain is always thinking of stuff…drives everyone crazy…except me….’

Did you read many books when in school?’

•‘No not really….i found many of the ‘classic’ books I was forced to read in class didn’t mean anything to me (although now I find some of them wonderful)……I hope teachers have realised teenagers are not dull because they can’t relate to Shakespeare’s at the age of 13.’

Have you ever seen a ghost?

•‘No…but I was told a great story about the man with cold hands…..’you will have to wait for that…’

What scares you?’

•‘Big spiders, losing my drive and passion, little spiders, losing my teeth and waking up to find I’m a fly caught in a spider’s web.’

What do you do when you finish your books?’

•‘I always lock myself away and read the first copy of the book from cover to cover. Then I put it away and move onto the next thing. I never read that book again…sad but true.’



Books for grown ups





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