Bestselling Author, Anthony Bunko grew up in a rough old tough old industrial town in the Welsh valleys called Merthyr Tydfil. While some people got born into wealth and riches, he was given a simple nickname (that no one understood) and a great upbringing.

He stumbled into writing, more by accident than judgement, after getting stuck in a three hour traffic jam one rainy afternoon. During the boredom, he picked up a pen and started scribbling away a story about naughty monkeys! Suddenly something exploded inside of him. It became his passion; his energy.
‘You can walk tirelessly around the world in search of comfortable shoes… only to find a pair already under the bed.'

Over the years Bunko has written many bestselling books for grown-up people with heads like damaged fruit. Plus he’s also penned a stack of autobiographies for many interesting superstars of rock music, film and sport. However, his real love is when he teams up with the dark, slightly manic teenager who occupies a room in his imagination and dresses like a Red Indian in punk rock trousers and monkey boots. Together they create a wondrous world full of strange looking creatures, 3 legged dogs, working class astronauts, rebellious sheep and demons that turn nice when they are nasty.
‘I started writing because there were so many ideas running around and around my mind with nowhere to go. Writing helped to drill a hole in my skull and let the ideas escape.’ Bunko 2010
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Lord Forgive Me But I Was A Bullshit ConsultantLord Forgive me but I was a Bullshit Consultant

A hilarious laugh-out loud 'consultant had enough' memoir based on true events. Anthony Bunko spills the beans of what goes on in the two-faced world of BMWs, smart suits, flip charts and ever changing buzz words, while trying to cope with his mid-life crisis.

“This is a cool and very funny exploration of an amazing life. It reads like a dream. Unputdownable!” --Boyd Clack, writer, actor

“The way of the transgressor is hard. Don t share this very enjoyable book with your children.” --Kevin Allen, writer / director – Twin Town

“Quick witted and heartwarming, with a bona fide laugh-out-loud on every page.” --Rachel Trezise, award winning Author





2 Hard to Handle2 Hard to Handle – the autobiography of Mike Spikey Watkins –

One of the most colourful and controversial characters in Welsh rugby history, Mike 'Spikey' Watkins remains the only player since 1882 to captain Wales on his debut, and win. Discarded by Cardiff RFC and banned by the WRU after the infamous 'Hookers Night Out' incident in November 1978, Spikey, who had regularly played for the Wales B team and was understudy to Bobby Windsor, thought his chance of a prized Welsh cap has disappeared. In this brutally frank and hard-hitting autobiography, 'Spikey' Watkins, the loveable rogue of Welsh rugby, lifts the lid on his roller-coaster playing career and explains how he fought back against the 'blazer-brigade' he despised, returned to captain a hugely successful Newport team and finally got the call from the WRU, due to public pressure from the supporters who adored him, to captain his country to victory against Ireland in 1984.



There are a tump of things I’m working on at the moment….from books to stage plays to spoof online newspapers…..here is just a little taster….

I could Have BeenNovel 1 – I could have been an astronaut if it wasn’t for Malachy Mullins

A laugh out loud story of a boy thrown into the outrageous world of a catholic comprehensive school. His dream of becoming an astronaut fades as he befriends an insane Irish boy who acts more like a 25 year old than an 11 year old.


wizard of GurnwahStage Play – The Wizard of Gurnwah


 A comedy based loosely on the Wizard of OZ but set in Merthyr in 2014.  A tale full of sex, drugs and sausage rolls and the wicked bitch of the council.






Did you always want to be a writer?

•Not in a million years. I always wanted to be a footballer or a runner. Sadly I wasn’t good enough to be either. On saying that, I have a mate who wanted to be a petrol pump when he grew up. He never got to be that either. I think he’s in prison now or in politics……!

What do you do to relax and chill out?

•I walk around graveyards, looking for the best names of dead people for characters for my stories. So I don’t really relax…my brain is always thinking of stuff…drives everyone crazy…well except me….I chill out with a nice bottle of red wine and listening to the clash.

Did you read many books when in school?’

•‘No not really….I found many of the ‘classic’ books I was forced to read in school didn’t mean anything to me (although now I find some of them wonderful)……I hope teachers have realised teenagers are not dull because they can’t relate to Shakespeare’s at the age of 13.’

Have you ever seen a ghost?

•‘No…but I was told a great story about the man with cold hands…..you will have to wait for that…’

What scares you?’

•‘Big spiders, losing my drive and passion, little spiders, losing my teeth and waking up to find I’m a fly caught in a spider’s web.’

What do you do when you finish a book?’

•‘I always lock myself away and read the first copy of the book from cover to cover. Then I put it away and move onto the next thing. I never read that book again…sad but true.’

What is your favourite book?’

•‘my all-time favourite book is Catch 22 by Joseph Keller. I read it every two years or so. It’s the funniest thing I have ever read. Even now it still makes me laugh out loud. The film based on the book was terrible…..didn’t capture the humour at all…but the book is brilliant.



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working up to the slaughterhouse




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